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The new GPT-7500 series total stations are the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available for the professional surveyor. Powerful? How about its 400MHz Intel processor running Windows CE, or the unprecedented 2000 meter non-prism range. That is 4 times longer than some competitors. And the on-board TopSURV software quickly and easily guides you through the most demanding field applications.

GPT-7500 Features:

  • Longest non-prism range – now 2000 meters; with 350 meter range to almost any surface
  • Advanced 400MHz Intel Windows CE operating system with TopSURV on-board software
  • Larger, backlit keypad with bright, color LCD touch-screen display
  • CF card, USB Type A and USB mini slots delivers new storage and transfer capabilities
  • Increased battery capacity (5000mAh) and operating time
  • Slimmed down size…8% smaller than the GPT-7000 or GTS-720
  • Increased performance with no increase in price

Available in 1”, 3”, or 5” accuracy models, the GPT-7500 can fit any job requirement without breaking your budget. The 1” and 3” versions have dual displays, while the 5” versions sport a single display. Prism Range to a single prism is 3,000 meters for all models except the GPT-7505, which is 2000 meters.


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